The LifeConnect® Partnership.

Covenant’s individualized approach to wellness.

Through the LifeConnect Wellness Partnership at Covenant Retirement Communities, our residents have the opportunity to pursue their unique passions and interests on their journey to enhanced wellness. The variety of resources, activities, and programs within each community is completely customizable and allows residents to focus their time and energy on what means most to them, while also giving them the opportunity to explore new things.

When a resident joins our community, the Resident Life Director conducts a LifeConnect interview to learn more about the individual. After the interview, the Resident Life Director is able to inform the resident of activities and clubs that might fit his or her interests and hobbies, like wellness clubs, volunteering programs, continued education, and more.

One of the most important parts of what makes LifeConnect work so well is that each individual is in control of his or her journey to enhanced wellness. After all, no two people are the same. We recognize individuality and the need to take different paths when it comes to optimizing personal health and vitality.

Dimensions of wellness:

Community: At Covenant Retirement Communities, we establish a community culture that fosters thriving rather than simply living. We nurture an environment of respect that allows members to pursue their personal wellness journeys. Our concept of community is based on our Christian heritage – A heritage of loving the members of God's family.

Emotional: Emotional well-being and physical well-being go hand-in-hand. We provide support groups, as well as sufficient emotional space, to help people work through any difficulties and, ultimately, to maintain a positive outlook and find happiness at every stage in life.

Intellectual: Just because someone’s retired doesn’t mean they should refrain from engaging in new pursuits and seeking new avenues for growth. Residents routinely learn new languages or engage in lifelong learning classes at the local college. Intellectual stimulation keeps the mind alive.

Physical: Healthy eating choices and an active lifestyle are the cornerstones of everyone’s well-being. Here, this understanding extends across all levels of living. Our Executive Chefs are mindful and creative when developing new, delicious and healthful dishes. Like all dimensions of wellness, achieving physical wellness requires taking personal responsibility and a proactive approach. We encourage and provide individual and group opportunities to pursue physical wellness at every level of ability.

Resident/staff involvement: We are a community of caring individuals who look out for each other. We all bring different backgrounds, cultures and customs to the community. Generating a culture of wellness requires that we appreciate everyone's unique contribution. The staff is just as invested in LifeConnect as the residents, always seeking ways to support individuals and to be involved in their daily lives.

Social: We strive to build a social network that fosters the development of honest, caring and satisfying interpersonal relationships. Social hour, games, concerts, events, and more create a college - like atmosphere of healthy camaraderie and good feelings.

Spiritual: A healthy spiritual life is a foundation for happiness. Spiritual wellness allows us to live abundantly in full acceptance of others. As a faith-based, not-for-profit continuing care retirement organization, we can't say enough about the value of spiritual wellness. In additional to having a chaplain on campus and regularly scheduled church services, we offer a firm foundation for supporting residents in their faith.

Vocational: We achieve vocational wellness by matching our personal values and interests with hobbies, employment and/or other volunteer efforts. Whether it involves woodworking, painting, writing, or any pursuit, residents are encouraged to continue cultivating interests they've pursued throughout their lives or start something completely new.

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