Explore your senior living options.

We offer Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

If you’re like most seniors, you value your independence, but want the security of knowing that complete care is available right where you live, should you need it.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) offer 24/7 emergency response and priority access to a range of on-site health care services. Continuing care retirement contracts include both an entrance fee, which is paid before you move in, and a monthly fee that covers maintenance costs and more. In return, the CCRC provides priority access to on-site care, should the need arise.

What to expect at a CCRC

Research shows that seniors who live in a CCRC are happier and healthier than their contemporaries who remain in their own homes. Being in a community of friends increases life expectancy and decreases the chance of chronic illness.

The entrance fee is a substantial investment that returns substantial dividends:

  • The entrance fee is a contract for access to needed future care, such as rehabilitation after a hospital stay.
  • The entrance fee fosters a sense of investment, encouraging residents to become involved and use their skills to enrich community life.
  • Residents can stay in the community they choose, surrounded by people who know and care for them.
  • Residents may be able to deduct the portion of the entrance fee attributed to health care services from their federal tax bill. 

Some helpful definitions:

  • Entrance fee – One-time fee (a percentage may be refundable to your estate)
  • Monthly fees – Lifestyle package covers residence, maintenance, dining and more
  • Residency agreements – Paperwork detailing fees, services and health care options
  • On-site medical care — When you pay an entrance fee, you enter into a contract that assures access to future care or post-hospital rehab on campus. 

Types of care at a CCRC

  • Assisted Living – Personal care services help with activities of daily living, including dressing, personal hygiene and medication management, in private, comfortable residences.
  • Memory Support – Engaging activities and supportive programs help individuals maintain their highest level of independence. We respect each individual’s dignity. Staff members are specially trained in the unique needs of those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Several Covenant communities have incorporated SAIDO Learning methods, a specialized non-pharmaceutical intervention that has been shown to help people regain cognitive function.
  • Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing – Short-term rehabilitation or "sub-acute care" is designed for those who have been discharged from the hospital, but are not medically or physically able to return home. On-site health centers, staffed 24/7, offer long-term care, Skilled Nursing and medical supervision.

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